Breaking Free Partners with Saddleback

Breaking Free can transform your small groups! It's perfect for an all-church campaign, centered around the number one felt need. Steve Gladen, Small Group Pastor, Saddleback Church

Steve Gladen, pastor of small groups at Saddleback Church and author of Small Groups with Purpose, interviews Erik Van Alstine, author of Breaking Free, in the March 2012 edition of the Small Group Show.

Breaking Free, Free to Friends of Saddleback Church

Steve Gladen, author of Small Groups with Purpose and Leading Small Groups with Purpose, is pastor of small groups at Saddleback Church, where he has served since 1998. Steve oversees more than 3,500 adult small groups, and his passion is to help churches develop true Christ-centered community with purpose-driven focus.

With this is mind, Steve Gladen and Erik Van Alstine, author of Breaking Free, are partnering to equip churches to get stronger financially. For a limited time, pastors can enter the code LIFETODAY in the Breaking Free online store and receive one free copy of the Breaking Free small group program, which includes everything you need to start and promote a Breaking Free small group: a DVD set, Workbook, Devotional, and promotional materials. This is a limited time offer, one per church only.

“Steve and I share the same heart to help churches get strong and accomplish their unique mission,” says Erik Van Alstine, author of Breaking Free. “I am happy we’re working together to transform people’s lives and strengthen churches, spiritually and financially.” “Small groups have transformational power,” says Steve, “and when we focus that power on today’s number one felt need, it’s a game-changer. Breaking Free is powerful, protects confidentiality, and gives small groups a way to help people like they’ve never been helped before. I strongly encourage you to do a Breaking Free 40-Day Challenge, and help take your church to the next level.”

Church pastors, get your free copy of Breaking Free today!

Use the LIFETODAY promo code and to get a free Host Pack (shipping & handling excluded). This promotion good for 1 free Host Pack and is only available to pastors or small group staff leaders; all orders must be shipped to your official church address.

Price: $49.95


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The Heart of Breaking Free

Breaking Free will save you hundreds of dollars a month, immediately, and represents thousands of dollars in new wealth in your pocket in the months ahead. It offers you a new sense of personal power, a clear path to godly purpose, and a flourishing, prosperous life!

Breaking Free also protects your confidentiality. Learners work together to help fictional Sam and Sally, the average couple with average income and debt, get out of debt and build wealth. Then you can take the practices home to put to work in your personal finances.

Price: $49.95
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