Check out the complete Breaking Free product line to help your family, your church, and your community break debt, build wealth, and discover purpose!

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DVD lessons. Workbooks. Devotionals. Online assessment & coaching programs. All Breaking Free products will help you transform your financial thinking and behavior, as you make your way to mastery of these life-changing principles and practices.

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4-Disc DVD

Eight incredible 45-minute video sessions include timed group and individual exercises, along with life-changing insights that will help you break debt, build wealth, and discover godly purpose!



The Breaking Free workbook includes 128-pages of magazine-style articles and session notes to reinforce video learning. Also includes an unlimited-use access code for the online assessment and coaching program.


Coaching Tool

The Breaking Free online assessment and coaching program offers a powerful path to mastery, measuring vital knowledge and behavior and providing clear steps to improve. It's an incredible way to help you transform!



The Breaking Free 40-day Devotional includes six weeks of scripture readings, prayers, and note space for journaling, revealing the spiritual side of money, freedom, and purpose. It will transform your life!


The Breaking Free Mastery Program

Master Breaking Free with our monthly one-on-one telephone coaching support service. Learn more about this phenomenal program and get started today!

Personalized monthly coaching and support sessions.

In just one fifteen minute call per month, you’ll receive quick, effective direction, along with the encouragement you need to get all the way to mastery of Breaking Free. Sessions are completely confidential, with focus on assessment activities designed to improve your score, month after month.

Recovery of at least $300 per month in “spill.”

Breaking Free mastery program’s step by step approach will get you on the path of success, immediately, as you implement simple but vital behaviors proven to save you money where it matters most. Participants are experiencing gains that are at least ten times the monthly price of this Mastery Program!

A simple, step-by-step approach that creates powerful progress and a new sense of hope!

Studies show that simple steps, along with the support and accountability to take those steps, create powerful forces for effective change. As you use the Breaking Free Mastery Program, your financial progress and hope are sure to improve in the weeks and months ahead.

Coaching support with financial confidentiality.

You won’t reveal your personal finances to participate in the Mastery program. Our support tem is simply here to help you practice the vital behaviors of Breaking Free, and find financial success as you follow through with your commitments to yourself, month after month.


Cloth Totes

This durable, handy, logo-imprinted black tote helps keep all small group and seminar materials together. Participants love them! Makes the learning experience convenient, professional, and clutter-free.



Attractive 2.5" x 8.5" bookmarks include all scripture references for all 40 days of the Breaking Free devotional, so that participants can keep up with their daily readings and the weekly themes of the challenge.



The Breaking Free Challenge wristbands create a daily sense of connection and transformation. Everyone loves wearing these wristbands as they stand together to promote financial and spiritual freedom!


Logo Pens

The Breaking Free logo pen is a handy and effective way to promote small group and seminar participation. It also makes a great promotional tool, along with bookmarks and wristbands. People love these pens!