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The average household loses several hundred dollars a month making money mistakes. They fall down the money mountain, month after month, because they haven’t yet mastered a few simple practices.

Take groceries, for example. The average family loses $153 per month just by using debit and credit cards in the store instead of cash. How is this possible? Plastic money is easier to spend. When we spend plastic money in discretionary categories, we don’t feel the pain of paying like we do when we use cash. It’s powerful psychology that adds up to a loss of almost two-thousand dollars a year in the grocery store alone.

That doesn’t have to be you. We can help you keep your footing, master these simple principles, and climb the money mountain instead of losing ground.

Breaking Free One-on-One Coaching offers a simple, effective solution to keep you from slipping ever again. For only $29.95 per month, you’ll get confidential monthly coaching sessions, by phone, that offer support and encouragement, along with helpful guidance using the Breaking Free online coaching system. Right away, we’ll help you master the habits that have the power to put more than ten times our fee in your pocket, every month.

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