Live Leader Event with Chris Dunayski!

Live Leader Event with Chris Dunayski!

In this powerful on-site leadership event, we’ll equip your church to reach new levels of financial power and purpose. Learn Breaking Free’s innovative methods for personal mastery, find out how to use it to strengthen your church and reach your community, while bringing your team to powerful new levels of thinking about money and purpose.

Event Includes

  • Live Leader Seminar with Chris Dunayski ($3,000 value) – Chris Dunayski, leadership expert and publisher of Breaking Free, will help your team in a transforming experience!
  • Free Event Materials! (Up to 60 Mastery Kits, $2,940 value) – includes everything your leaders need to break free!

“I brought our leadership team together for a session with Chris, and wow, what an impact! My only regret is that I didn’t bring in more leaders. It made an enormous positive difference for our core team, and made our Breaking Free campaign better than we ever could have imagined.”
~Jeff Knight, Senior Pastor, The Rock Church

$5,940 value, only $3,000!

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