Breaking Free, Free to James Robison’s Indivisible Pastor Friends

Breaking Free, Free to James Robisons Indivisible Pastor Friends

Pastors, strengthen your church family with a powerful dose of financial freedom! Breaking Free is a small group program and all-church campaign that equips your church to break debt, build wealth, and discover their God-given purpose, using a unique experiential learning method that protects financial confidentiality while creating ten times the measured transformation over similar programs. Breaking Free is just what you need to strengthen your church in difficult financial times.

“I am glad Erik created Breaking Free,” says Robison, “because now more than ever, we need strong churches who will stand, indivisible, for the sake of a better nation and better world. By strengthening families financially, Breaking Free strengthens churches, communities, and ultimately, our nation. Pastors, I encourage you to take a good look at Breaking Free, and see how it can help you and your church.”

“I couldn’t be happier to be a part of James Robison’s Under God, Indivisible Conference this year,” says Erik. “James is a voice for restoration, unity, and godliness in America, and the pastors aligned with him represent that same voice, that same hope. My heart is to help pastors build strong churches and strong communities, and I know Breaking Free is a powerful tool for that. Pastors, please accept Breaking Free as our gift to your church. We want to help you make a difference in the lives of your people and in your community.”

For a limited time, pastors can enter the code INDIVISIBLE in Breaking Free’s online store and receive one free copy of the Breaking Free small group program, which includes everything you need to start and promote a Breaking Free small group, Sunday school program, or all-church campaign: a DVD Set, Workbook, Devotional, promotional materials, and six weeks of sermon notes. This is a limited time offer, one per church only.

Church pastors, get your free copy of Breaking Free today!

Use the “INDIVISIBLE” promo code and to get a free Host Pack (shipping & handling excluded). This promotion good for 1 free Host Pack and is only available to pastors or small group staff leaders; all orders must be shipped to your official church address.

Price: $49.95 FREE!

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The Heart of Breaking Free

Breaking Free will save you hundreds of dollars a month, immediately, and represents thousands of dollars in new wealth in your pocket in the months ahead. It offers you a new sense of personal power, a clear path to godly purpose, and a flourishing, prosperous life!

Breaking Free also protects your confidentiality. Learners work together to help fictional Sam and Sally, the average couple with average income and debt, get out of debt and build wealth. Then you can take the practices home to put to work in your personal finances.

Price: $49.95 FREE
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