Start a Group

If you know two people and want to improve your financial and spiritual life, you can start a group!

Simply tell them about Breaking Free and send them a link to this website. Let them know that Breaking Free is a powerful proven and powerful way to break debt, build wealth, and discover your God-given purpose, while protecting financial confidentiality.

Unlike other programs that only inform, Breaking Free transforms. It helps you develop vital new behaviors that take your financial and spiritual life to a whole new level.

If you already have a group, use Breaking Free as an opportunity to reach out to others and grow your group. Breaking Free helps the average family recover over $4,000 per year in spill, which is simply the money that leaks out of our pockets and bank accounts because we don’t have a solid system for directing and containing it.

When you have a core group of people interested, tell them to reach out and invite people they know from church, work, school, and so on.

Groups can be as small as five people in a home or hundreds of people in a seminar. No financial expertise is needed. Just get everyone together and push play on the DVD!

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