Take the Breaking Free Group Challenge!

Join thousands of people around the country who are taking the Breaking Free Challenge and discovering new power to break debt, build wealth, and discover their God-given purpose!

The Breaking Free Challenge is the first step of Breaking Free, a 40-day, six-week spiritual and financial journey that includes daily workbook and devotional study, weekly small group or seminar interaction, with a goal of reaching an online assessment score of 40 percent. The challenge goal is to reach 40 in 40!

Here's How ...


1. Start A Group

Get a group together or join a group! Groups can be as small as five people in a home or hundreds of people in a seminar. No financial expertise is needed, just push play on the DVD!


2. Get Materials

Provide hosts with the 4-Disc DVD set, and all participants with the devotional, workbook, wristband, pen, and tote. Couples should each have materials so they can work on exercises and journal individually.


3. Learn & Grow

Over six weeks, take the 40-Day Challenge! Study the devotional and workbook articles daily, meet with your group weekly, to go through the video workshop, and cycle through the first six sessions.


4. Get To 40

Get online and use the assessment and coaching program to discover what you know and how to improve. Assess in week one and then after week six to measure your improvement. Get to 40% in 40 days!

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