Take the Breaking Free City-Wide Challenge!

The Breaking Free city-wide challenge happens when churches join together to impact the community as we offer life-changing wisdom to meet people's number one felt need.

Imagine the kind of goodwill churches can create toward each other and from the community as we show unified love to to those around us. The goal is to help people where they are hurting the most, and build bridges that bring people back into right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here's How ...


1. Prep Leaders

Several months before the campaign begins, get Breaking Free materials into the hands of all local area church leaders. Share the vision of what Breaking Free can do to strengthen families, church, and community.


2. Synchronize

Encourage a winter, spring, summer or fall start date that all churches can share. There's tremendous power as we all work together with one heart and vision in our community.


3. Learn & Grow

Over six weeks, teach weekend sermons on each of the six themes. Encourage participants to study the devotional and workbook daily, meet with their group weekly, and cycle through the first six sessions.


4. Celebrate!

Remind participants of the Challenge goal to get to 40% on the Breaking Free assessment in 40 days! Create a celebration event to acknowledge all participants improvement, and celebrate 40% scores!

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