Prepare Leaders

When you can introduce Breaking Free to your church’s small group leaders and influencers several weeks ahead of a church-wide challenge, it builds vital strength, unity, and enthusiasm for the Breaking Free Challenge.

We suggest that several weeks before the campaign begins, you get Breaking Free materials into the hands of all staff and key volunteers. Make sure they have a hard copy or a web copy of the program brochure as well.

Share the vision of what Breaking Free can do to strengthen families, church, and community.

  • Families. Tell them how it can help families recover over $4,000 per year in “spill” while increasing income.
  • Church. This spill amounts to the total annual church budget. How can a church be strengthened when the entire annual church budget is recovered into the pockets of the members? We think a lot.
  • Community. Breaking Free is a strategic bridge-builder to the community, addressing their number one felt need – money – in a way that is practical, relevant, and shows that God’s ways work. Your church can build valuable relationships with co-workers, neighbors, and friends with Breaking Free!

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