Get Materials

The basic materials needed to run a Breaking Free small group are the 4-Disc DVD Set, the Workbook (which includes a code for unlimited use of the Breaking Free online assessment and coaching program), the 40-Day Devotional Journal, and the chrome logo pen so that participants are ready to take notes and do the workshop exercises.

Just provide hosts with the 4-Disc DVD set, and all participants with the devotional, workbook, and pen. Then off you go!

If you want to spruce up your group experience, we recommend adding the “Breaking Free Challenge” wristband to help them stay on track and build motivation, and keep it all together with the Breaking Free Cloth Logo Tote.

We also have promotional brochures and bookmarks that you can use to promote the Breaking Free Challenge a few weeks before small groups begin. We also have children’s, youth, and adult message outlines that match the six weekly themes of Breaking Free. Ask us about these resources!

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Note: Couples should each have a workbook, devotional, and pen so they can work on exercises and journal individually. Since this program is about transformation more than information, it is vital that each person be actively involved in the workshop exercises and journaling.

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