As a church, something amazing happens when we celebrate any and all progress in the Breaking Free Challenge. It creates real buzz. Participants are encouraged. More people jump on board. More groups get started. People grow, churches grow. The key is for church leaders to make heroes of the participants and the growth process. Celebrate it, and you’ll get more of it!

From the platform, remind participants of the Challenge goal participate fully in daily, weekly, and monthly activities, and get to 40% on the Breaking Free assessment in 40 days! On weekend two, ask how many people in the church completed their “Dream To Do List.” Applaud everyone who raised their hands. If they took the assessment on week one, celebrate that too. The key is to build enthusiasm layer by layer, by showing them that they are progressing!

At the end of the 40 days, create a celebration event to acknowledge all participants improvement, celebrate 40% scores, and celebrate all measurable progress! Participants who take the assessment on week one, without having done any work, usually score between zero and 15%, then rise to 40% to 50% when they retake the assessment one month later. This is real progress in knowledge and application, that changes people’s lives. As a church, cheerlead the participants on as they take one step at a time.

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