Breaking Free has incredible strategic power to transform families, churches, and communities, spiritually and financially. Using a layered approach to learning that incorporates weekend messages in church, daily self-study, weekly group interaction and monthly assessment, all synchronized together, groups and churches are being transformed!

Financially, families can immediately recover an average of $4,000 per year in “spill,” which is the money that just leaks out of pockets and bank accounts because of specific problem behaviors. For instance, one simple behavior change has been proven to create an additional $153 per month in grocery savings. That’s over $1,800 per year alone.

In addition to this, families develop skills to create more value for themselves and their employers. They are stronger spiritually as well, as they connect the dots between their faith, their career, and their God-given purpose.

Stronger families build stronger churches. Financially, just the spill recovery in member’s pockets is greater than the church’s annual budget, every year! Imagine what could happen when a significant number of families in a church who have the willingness to give suddenly have the ability to give. It powers the church to better fulfill it’s mission. In addition to this, families that are healthier spiritually volunteer more and live better lives. They give much more than financially!

Churches will grow as they effectively disciple their people and reach their city! As Christians use Breaking Free to create practical, real-world value as they do groups in apartment complexes and workplaces and coffee shops throughout their community, they build goodwill, while showing the world that God’s ways work!

Imagine what could happen to your church if it focused on helping the entire community master the principles of Breaking Free. It would build a massive bridge between the church and the community, changing lives, growing your church, and building the kingdom of God!

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