“This is the best coaching program I have ever seen.”
-E.B., Fortune 1000 Executive Coach.

“Even with the recent lay-off we have been positioned to make our monthly commitments, including our tithing and campaign pledges, Praise God for His provision and the equipping facilitated through programs such as these offered at Champions Centre!”
-A.M., member of Champions Centre.

“My husband and I are taking your financial class and we are having so much success. Thank you for taking the time to put it together…you rock!”

“The Breaking Free class my wife and I took with you and Chris last March has been awesome! We are following the snow ball plan and already have a credit card and my car paid off. My wife does the budget every month and we pull out cash each month and put it in envelopes. Operating with cash is the way to go. By having a budget each month it actually feels like we have more money because we are in more control of it. We bought into everything you taught and tell all of our family and friends how much we learned from the class and how it is really simple and easy to follow. Thanks again.”

“Have we been helped by Breaking Free? Absolutely! The Breaking Free program affirmed what we had been doing right and guided us in eliminating habits that could cause us financial troubles in the future. Even with the recent lay-off we have been positioned to make our monthly commitments, including our tithing and building campaign pledges, Praise God for His provision and the equipping facilitated through programs such as these offered at Champions Centre! The principles taught are invaluable at any stage of your life. It’s never too early or late to start! We are firm believers! Thank you for your faithfulness. We pray that others will choose to take advantage of this opportunity to equip themselves for successful living!”
-A.M. & S.M.

“My brother Erik, we thank you for your help, we have learned a lot and feel loved. For so long most people have been telling us that the only way we can be wealthy is by having credit card to build credit history but after all that long, here we get help from a good hearted and kind man Erik Van Alstine. We love the Breaking Free class 2010. We look forward to bright future as in 16 years from now if we shall own our home. Lastly thank you for not teaching us to get more debts.”

“Thank you so much! One of the biggest takeaways for us was the snowball method of paying off bills. As we are in financial recovery we are using the snowball method to get our consumer debt paid off. We are months away from paying off my car which gives us $560.00 toward our next bill. As you can see it is very powerful to be able to put this method into play.”

Breaking Free has taken our finances off of life support, and put them on a path for long-term success. We are no longer striving to get by and living pay check to pay check, we have a purpose and a future for our finances and we are taking out our debts one at a time. This was the best financial decision we have made. Thank you for putting the program together. My wife and I are going through the program again in our church small group now and it is even better the second time.”
-S.R. & K.R.

Breaking Free has provided me a wealth of knowledge in an area that I had been afraid to face. I was able to discover – and uncover – the realities of this fear, and was shown tools to help make smart choices which have provided financial ‘healing.’ I began to develop confidence to face my financial challenges head-on, and assume the responsibility of the usefulness of finances in a greater, wholistic, spiritual way.”

“Hi Erik, I have paid off all my credit cards since taking Breaking Free, and have put $3,000 into savings. Thanks for all of your advice.”

“I want to thank you for sharing your ideas in your exceptional Breaking Free program. Focusing on your strategies is making me more confident. Now could not be any better of a time for me to see your work and start to gameplan/exercise your ideas. Thank you.”

Breaking Free has been a big help to both of us. Especially the step-by-step approach to getting out of debt. Now we have our $1000 rainy day fund and working on our snow ball.”

Breaking Free has been a miraculous blessing to me. We started to use the system and cut our grocery bill in half! When we took the time to look and total what we were spending on house stuff (we weren’t even sure) food, eating, coffees and for a family of five we were at more than a thousand dollars a month. Now we take out 500 at the beginning of the month and no longer use the debit, and we eat just fine, make my own coffee’s (same coffee that I was buying for someone else to make – have had the espresso machine) and its healthier too. In the class, you teach how to work and then ask for a raise. You spoke about value instead of money. While I was taking the class, I went on my first interview since I was laid off. During the interview, I was being interviewed by two men that were a little intimidating. They asked me all the typical questions on how I would deal with situations and such. I was able to use the information you gave me then. I was able to mention how I would add value to the company and that was what I was all about. It was the best interview I had ever done, and I was hired the next day. Thank you for giving wisdom and blessing me!”

“Project 28’s Breaking Free is a phenomenal program that gives the average person like myself an easy step by step walk into debt freedom. I have a true picture of my net worth and a solid plan to eliminate my debt within three years! The thanks is to you for creating such a great product, you can be proud of the direction Breaking Free is taking people, lives are shifting with small solid steps. You are changing lives from weeds into seeds… literally.. And, less I be remiss in mentioning, gosh darn it…. you’re a swell guy who really knows how to laugh at himself…For me, you made my internal embarrasment of failing in finances into a fail forward. I was relieved to hear no matter what the mistake there are steps I could take to get out from under the cycle I was in. You guys are awesome. Thanks again.”

“The Breaking Free curriculum is straightforward, easy to understand, and engaging. The online assessment promises to bring accurate measurement and an accountability that other programs lack. Thank you for the time and energy you have expended on this project to equip us and others with tools for success! And thank you for making it so affordable. We can see that it is truly a labor of love! Your influence and dedication enrich the lives of each of us that you touch…thank you.”
-D.W. & J.W.

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