About The Author

Erik Van Alstine is a humorous, dynamic communicator, change expert, and strategic leader with a big heart for the church!

He is co-founder and chairman of Project 28, author of Breaking Free, media entrepreneur, teaching pastor at Champions Centre, husband of twenty years, and father of six. His mission is to promote transformation in individuals and organizations around the world, with a special focus on equipping churches and their members.

Erik's combination of experience in Christian ministry, corporate learning, and entrepreneurial leadership provides a unique and compelling perspective into the dynamics of personal and organizational transformation.

About Breaking Free

Breaking Free is a personal finance small group and seminar program that will save you hundreds of dollars a month, immediately, and represents thousands of dollars in new wealth in your pocket in the months ahead. It offers you a new sense of personal power, a clear path to godly purpose, and a flourishing, prosperous life!

The Breaking Free DVD-based small group and seminar program protects your confidentiality. Learners work together to help fictional Sam and Sally, the average couple with average income and debt, get out of debt and build wealth. Then they take the practices home to put to work in your personal finances.

About Project 28

Breaking Free was produced by Project 28, a discipleship solution provider that offers small group curriculum, technology, and consulting to promote transformation in the lives of people all around the world.

Project 28 offers individual and organizational change solutions to promote the greatest cause on earth: the Matthew 28 Commission. The goal is "everyone knowing and doing." The heart of Project 28 is to do full justice to Christ's instruction to "teach them to obey everything I have commanded you."

Through Project 28's innovative assessment and coaching technology, world-class curriculum, and hands-on consulting, the goal is to help you "be transformed by the renewing of your mind."


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